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What to do if mercury termometer breaks

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Today there are thermometers to easily and quickly measure body temperature. They are securely closed and safe to use. But many people still prefer those that have shown themselves well for many years – a glass flask with a mercury tip. But only their safety suffers. While the thermometer is intact, it is absolutely safe. But if you crashed and mercury ran out, what do you do then? Do not panic. It is necessary to competently collect mercury and get rid of it correctly. Mercury is a harmful substance, but it is used in a variety of instruments and in industries. And everywhere there can be an accident, so it’s important to take action quickly to protect yourself and others.

Broken thermometer with mercury

Our cleaning company prepared a list of actions, if the mercury thermometer crashed:

  1. Understand that mercury in the thermometer is not much and fast, careful actions will completely protect everyone.
  2. Take everyone out of the room, close the windows and doors, do not air it until you collect all the balls.
  3. Dress up any gloves.
  4. To dress the mask, you can make it yourself from any thin fabric, so as not to inhale the mercury vapor.
  5. Collect large balls on a sheet of paper, pushing them with a second sheet, place them in a jar of water.
  6. Collect small beads with a sticky tape or a damp cotton swab and also throw in a jar.
  7. Close the lid tightly.
  8. You can not sweep the mercury with a broom – rigid rods will separate mercury into small particles.
  9. You can not vacuum mercury, under air pressure, it can fly around the apartment.
  10. How to neutralize mercury from a broken thermometer

  11. You can not throw it into the toilet, heavy mercury it will settle in the pipes and will continue to evaporate, poison you and neighbors.
  12. After the mercury balls are all collected in a jar and it is taken out of the apartment, you need to ventilate the room well.
  13. You need to call the fire department or the Ministry of Emergency Situations and find out where and how to neutralize mercury in your city.
  14. Neutralization of mercury is demercurization, conducted by specially trained services. If there is a very small amount of mercury in the thermometer, you need to take care that in the place where you throw the jar, do not harm homeless people or animals. Therefore, it is better to bury it in the ground.

Our cleaning company offers: cleaning, cleaning after repair, cleaning after a fire, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture at home, disinfection.

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