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Various ways of painting easter eggs

Useful little things

Since ancient times, the egg is considered to be the symbol of the revival of life. It is with him that the festive meal begins on the feast of Easter. And every mistress wants to decorate it and make it the most beautiful and original, as if entrusting to it its hopes, the desires of peace and prosperity in its home.

Today, a lot of dyes are sold, which can give the Easter egg a very different color. However, for those who are faithful to the tradition of using natural dyes, our cleaning company has collected several practical tips:

  1. Before staining eggs, you need to cook them, and before cooking, eggs from the refrigerator should be left on the table so that they take room temperature. Otherwise, a sharp temperature drop will cause the egg to burst.
  2. Reduce the likelihood of a broken egg will help a spoon of salt added to the water during the cooking of eggs.
  3. The most common eco-method of coloring eggs is staining in the broth of onion husks. The amount of it and the time of the eggs stay in the solution with the husks depends on the color scale, which can range from light orange to dark brown.
  4. Green, black tea and karkade easily colored in brown and pink color, respectively.
  5. Golden-yellow and bright orange color allows you to make a solution of turmeric.
  6. Freshly grated beet will allocate burgundy juice, depending on its quantity it is possible to paint eggs in shades cherry.
  7. The originality of the painted eggs will be given by patterns. The most reliable method is applying them in the technique of decoupage. In free sale there are napkins on which can be displayed, as a thin pattern with monograms, a flower, household items, and a divine plot. Buy such a napkin, cut out the fragment you like and paste it with PVA or gelatin glue.

Our cleaning company is ready to share many recommendations on various occasions, they can be easily found on the pages of the site. The main arsenal of our assistance consists of: deep cleaning, window cleaning, disinfection, furniture dry cleaning.

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