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Stylish handmade new year decorations

Useful little things

The most active time for shopping is before New Year’s fuss. Everybody hurries to buy their loved ones, parents, children, friends and of course gifts, new things, souvenirs. And every year on sale are all new, fashion-updated toys. Previously, preference was given to animals, then icicles, colorful balls, hand-painted, then monophonic balls. There were vivid bows at the base of the toy, then satin ribbons, large flowers around the decoration. Everything flows and changes, only things made by oneself always remain in value.

Our cleaning company has collected a few simple tips how to make a New Year tree exclusive and prepare jewelry yourself:

    1. Place glass toys, balls very close to the lights of an electric garland. This will make them luminous.
    2. Choose the wine glasses of the most beautiful shape, for example for champagne. Dip into the water the neck by 2 centimeters and immediately into the sugar. So that the edges of the wine glass were thickly covered with white grains. Tie the leg of a glass of rain or a satin ribbon and hang it on the tree, so that the wine glass looked at the floor. Thus, 6 or 12 unusual glass toys will make your Christmas tree unlike any other.

  1. Take a few oranges and puncture them with a toothpick in any order. In these holes, insert an aromatic seasoning – cloves. Thus, it is possible to create various ornaments that will turn out to be not only bright, but also fragrant.
  2. Take boxes of different sizes: from match to shoe. Wrap them in gold, silver and scarlet colors with wrapping paper. Make huge bows of serpentine and place them around the house, under the tree, on the windowsill.

Many things can help to create a festive mood: candles, branches of a Christmas tree or pine trees, bunches of mountain ash, oranges, tangerines, sweets. While you will buy gifts and think over decorations, we can take care of cleaning your house. The cost of cleaning services, their types can be found by phone numbers on the site. Deep cleaning, cleaning after the party, cleaning the territory, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, dry cleaning of leather furniture is in our arsenal.

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