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How to clean notebook from dust

Care of equipment

An important and almost irreplaceable today is a small thing – a laptop. Today it is in almost every house. If at some point it slowly began to work, it emits a strong monotonous sound, is noticeably heated – the cause may be ordinary dust, which settles daily in the cooling system.

This disrupts the air circulation and the operating rhythm of the fan. The first time is not a disaster, but a regular increase in temperature can lead to a serious breakdown in the laptop. Specialists of computer technology recommend cleaning the computer cooling system at least once a year. For this you need to contact the service center. In case this is not possible, for a number of reasons, you can clean your laptop yourself. Our cleaning company shares practical advice on how to do it effectively:Dust free


  1. The laptop must be turned off, disconnected from the mains and the power supply is removed.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer.
  3. Use the narrowest nozzle in the vacuum cleaner.
  4. The dryer must be switched on only in cold air.
  5. Thoroughly blow through all the ventilation grilles, radiator grilles and side panels.
  6. Repeat the procedure for cleaning the rear and side panels several times.
  7. The keyboard should not be cleaned in this way, it will damage the keys.
  8. For a careful attitude to the laptop, do not put it on the soft fabric surfaces of furniture, beds. If it does not stand on a solid table surface, use special stands, tables, shelves.

Laptop dusting

Our cleaning company offers a number of services: cleaning, cleaning windows, dry cleaning of leather furniture, cleaning with a steam generator, disinfection.

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