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Few words about vinegar

Useful little things

Vinegar is an amazing universal remedy that has many uses in everyday life. Without it, it is impossible to preserve vegetables, you can not sow the soda and knock down the dough. It is still used to rubbing the patients to lower the temperature, although pharmacies offer a wide range of antipyretic drugs. Virtually every hostess can be found in the kitchen. And everyone has his own recipe for the use of this miracle-remedy. Today, vinegar, along with a large amount of household chemicals, eliminates the huge amount of troubles that occur in everyday life. Therefore, as cleaning experts, we assert that not every cleaning can do without it or another vinegar-based remedy.

Laundry Vinegar

If for someone its magic power still remains little known, our cleaning company has decided to share some ways of its use in everyday life.

  1. The bottom removes traces of bad odor from dishes, any inventory, refrigerator and even products.
  2. Softens the rigid water, making it the most conducive to rinse delicate things.
  3. Fixes the brightness of the paints, does not allow lace on embroidery, drawings, indispensable for washing and rinsing of colored things.
  4. Eliminating the antistatic properties of tissues at their washing.
  5. Easily remove lime plaque from plumbing surfaces: cranes and shower cubicles.

Removal of plaque from the tap with vinegar

Our cleaning company is ready not only to share any advice, but also to perform: deep cleaning, cleaning after repair, dry cleaning of leather furniture, window cleaning.

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