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Shortly about soda

Useful little things

Progress has inevitably found the replacement of many means that were environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and multifunctional. For example, such universal means can be considered baking soda.

Baking soda

Our cleaning company has listed all the features of this miracle product:

  • disperses baking, promotes its growth, ease, as the addition of dry baking soda and vinegar. Due to the lack of the latter, it is possible to add in soda dough, casserole, apple charlotte only soda, according to the recipe;
  • soda is able to remove stains of fat, scum, burnt, strong tea or coffee on any dishes from cups to pots. It is necessary to dissolve 5 teaspoons in a glass of water and treat the surface.
  • when cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom can always count on soda. It easily cleans any smooth surface of ceramic tile, washbasin, toilet, sinks, plumbing elements;
  • she tastes unpleasant smells, therefore it is recommended to put her pack open in the refrigerator. If the hands or cutlery smell badly, you just need to rub them with soda, and then rinse them. A smoky smell in the pantry or closet can be disposed of by expanding small sacks with soda inside;
  • dirt on the carpet should be thoroughly sprinkled with soda, wait for an hour and good spill;
  • soda, or rather its concentrated aqueous solution, is also capable of removing fresh traces of home pets from clothing or upholstered furniture. So do not be in a hurry. Of course, the dry cleaner will do it perfectly, but if you walk alone with a brush with a soda solution, then there may not be a trace;
  • soda works very well in combination with hydrogen peroxide. Mix the solution, which then we process the spots;
  • its aqueous solution can and should be rinsed, for the prevention and treatment of gums, to make water baths purulent processes in the mouth; ·         with the addition of salt, the soda aqueous solution turns into a healing remedy that can save the healing of the wound.

About baking soda

Such a unique tool should be in every home. We offer from our side: cleaning after repair, dry-cleaning of furniture at home, deep cleaning, window washing, desinsection.


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