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How to take care of multi cooker

Care of equipment

Cleaning in the kitchen affects the cleaning of household appliances, which facilitates and diversifies the way of life, cooking. One of the modern devices, multivolume in the performance of their functions became a multivarker. This is truly a work of art in helping cooks. She easily performs operations on cooking, stewing, baking, baking, steaming and keeping the cooked dish warm. It, like any dishes you need to wash. There are small features in the care of the multivark. If you are wondering: how to do it correctly and not hurt her? The cleaning company shares its recommendations:

Care Multicooker

  • First of all, before washing, the multivark needs to be disconnected from the mains and allowed to cool completely.
  • To start to wash a multivarker is better from a cover. If the rubberized coating can not be removed, then to clean it, you need to pour water and vinegar into the bowl of the multivark and turn on the steamer for 15 minutes. After this treatment, the lid is easily cleaned with a kitchen sponge.
  • If the rubberized cover is removable, it must be washed with warm water and a gel for dishes, rinsed well, dried and put in place.
  • The bowl of the multivark is coated with non-stick coating. With it you need to be especially careful, do not scratch it, do not damage its integrity. Therefore, do not use abrasive detergents and metal wool, brushes.
  • The heater plate and inner side surfaces can only be wiped with a damp cloth, remove the particles of food that got there and the burnt residue.
  • To clean the openings of the steam valve, it is enough to apply a little gel detergent on them and rinse under a strong stream of water. This should be done every time after cooking fatty foods.
  • The water trap must be washed with warm water after each use.
  • .I collect my water under running water with detergents:
  • Before installation, the water trap is very carefully wiped and dried.

Multivark care

During cleaning and washing of multivarkers, it is necessary to make sure that water does not get inside it, it is still an electrical appliance. If this does happen, it is necessary to wipe all parts of it dry and do not turn on a few days for the water to dry completely.

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