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How to remove grass stains

Stain Removal

In the spring and summer, it is absolutely imperceptible to plant a stain from fresh grass. This problem is relevant for adults and toddlers. And in order to remove green spots from around, very often ordinary washing is not enough.

Therefore, our cleaning company shares advice on this:

With the help of salt. In warm water, dissolve the salt in a ratio of 1 tbsp. spoon to one glass. Then put the contaminated clothing in this solution and leave it for at least 15 minutes. After thoroughly grind and wash in the usual way.

With the help of soda. It is necessary to create a paste, the consistency of sour cream from soda and warm water. Treat it with a stain. After a quarter of an hour, carefully wash the previously soiled clothing.

With the help of vinegar. It should be applied to each of the spots 2 – 3 st. spoonfuls of vinegar and leave for a few hours. Then wash as usual.

This method, especially suitable for clothes in white. It is necessary to prepare the mixture according to the following recipe: ½ cup of water is combined with ammonia, then add a little hydrogen peroxide. With this solution soak the soiled area, wait a few minutes and then wash.

This way you can use to clean the denim. For him, you need to grind the laundry soap, you can dissolve it in a small amount of water on a grater. Drop a few drops of ammonia into it. Mix the resulting mixture in foam. Apply to the stain and wait for up to 10 minutes. After washing as usual.

And here is the result!

How to remove grass stains

Our cleaning company is ready to share a lot of advice and offer all kinds of cleaning, dry cleaning of leather furniture and other types of cleaning.

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