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How to remove gum from clothes

Care of clothes

Since chewing gum has become an essential attribute of fresh breath, it can be bought everywhere and sit on it too. It is easily attached to the fabric of any clothing, but it is not so easy to remove or wash it. It is necessary to remove it before washing clothes, stained with chewing gum. Otherwise, the sticky gum will remain in the same place.

Removing chewing gum from clothes

Our cleaning company has collected a number of recommendations on how to effectively do this:

  1. If the thing is small, then it should be placed in a cellophane bag and hidden in a freezer. Chewing gum under the influence of minus temperature will lose its elasticity, it will become brittle and it can be easily separated from the fabric.
  2. If the thing is large, bulky, then the soiled area should be frozen with ice cubes. When the ice begins to melt, it is worth checking with a knife or tweezers whether the chewing gum has frozen, if it continues to stretch, then the procedure with the cubes must be repeated.
  3. The diametric freezing method consists in exposure to high temperature. With the help of hot air hair dryer or applique iron, scalding the soiled area with boiling water, you can soften the chewing gum and clean it with a toothbrush.
  4. With fleecy fabrics, we recommend removing the elastic with a solvent, without acetone. Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture at home will cope with any pollution. You can find out its cost by the phone number indicated on the site. And here it is the result of our efforts.

How to remove chewing gum

Our cleaning company offers a whole arsenal of cleaning the house. Window cleaning, desinsection, cleaning after repair are our regular orders.

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