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How to remove chocolate stains

Stain Removal

It’s hard to meet a man who does not like chocolate. This source of good mood is sold in any performance: sweets, chocolate-coated cakes, cakes or ice cream. And how this source can easily spoil the mood, falling on clothes, carpet or upholstered furniture and staining it. How to quickly fix this situation? Do you need to respond instantly or can you wash in normal mode?

Removing chocolate stains

Our cleaning company shares the opinion of specialists how to quickly and efficiently remove chocolate stains with improvised means, so that there is not a trace left:

  1. React to the chocolate spot right away.
  2. The most effective remedy is ammonia alcohol, which must be diluted with warm water, moistened with this solution napkin and intensive movements quickly rub in only one direction, along the loops of fabric stained clothing.
  3. An aged chocolate spot should be treated with a solution of comminuted laundry soap with ammonia. Moreover, if it is not furniture and carpet, clothes should be soaked, more precisely, the soiled part. Exposure time should approach the hour. After the clothes are stripped in the usual way.
  4. In each solution, ammonia must be added in the ratio of 1 cup of water to 1 spoon of ammonia.
  5. If a stain of considerable size should be rubbed from the edges to the center, so as not to increase the amount of contamination.

How to remove the stain of chocolate

In a cafe, in a park, especially in the forest, it is difficult to immediately find ammonia, in which case you will use a wet napkin that is soaked in alcohol and more often in your purse. It will become a quick reaction and will not allow chocolate to become part of the clothing fibers. Our cleaning company will help with advice and offers: cleaning, deep cleaning, dry cleaning of furniture, cleaning of windows and many other cleaning services.


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