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How to remove brilliant green stains

Stain Removal

“Diamond Green” is one of the most unique drugs, which is characterized by a high degree of antiseptic and healing power. Its powerful formula can not be repeated or multiplied by pharmacists of different countries. They are protected from infection by the umbilical cord of newborns, cracks in the breast of nursing mothers, wounds and abrasions of children and adults, inflamed and suppuration sutures, scars. In a word, it is an integral part of any full-fledged first-aid kit. However, even a small drop of green leaves on the hands, clothes and surfaces traces that can not be washed.

Removing green stain

Our cleaning company shares several tips on how to remove stains from greens from the skin or clothes, furniture or floor with improvised means:

  1. Traces of green on the skin, of course, just wash off with water, but only after a few days. If you can not afford to walk with green spots, then reduce their brightness with alcohol or a napkin soaked in alcohol. If you immediately respond to a stain, you can wipe it with alcohol completely.
  2. Fresh stains from the skin can be removed using hydrogen peroxide, a liquid for removing varnish.
  3. The spots of a diamond are more difficult to remove from clothing than from a leather. You can soak the cotton wool with ammonia and carefully process the trace from the green, then use the usual method.
  4. White things are easy to clean with bleach.
  5. With a linoleum, the stain is removed with alcohol, cologne. From a parquet and a laminate – usual washing powder.


How to remove stains from green stuffDry cleaning of furniture at home, dry cleaning of leather furniture will professionally clean any stains. How to order it and how much will it cost cleaning services is easy to learn by contacting our agency by phone on the website.

In the arsenal of our services: cleaning, deep cleaning, cleaning after repair, fire, disinfection and many others.

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