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How to clean a sauna

Clean house

Undoubtedly, today the sauna is a multifunctional procedure: it allows you to relax the muscular corset and nervous system, warm up every part of the body, steam off and renew the outer layer of the skin, and simply restore vivacity and good mood. The owners of country and private houses are increasingly laying them in their projects. Residents of apartments can always find a sauna in the city, enjoying a good reputation.

Sauna cleaning

One of the main parameters of the sauna assessment is its cleanliness and hygiene. Nobody will want to use an untidy room with signs of a fungus. Our cleaning company offers a few tips, thanks to which it is easy and quick to clean the sauna and its presentable appearance will be preserved for a long time.

  1. Thorough cleaning and ventilation should be carried out after every visit to the sauna.
  2. Start cleaning with the removal of all objects from the premises: small debris from the brooms, themselves brooms, sheets and towels, water cushions and mugs.
  3. Wipe the walls with a hard rag and clean water.
  4. Sunbeds need to be washed with soap, rubbed with a brush and rinsed with plenty of water. Do not use a rubber hose.
  5. A wooden grate on the floor and the floor itself needs to be wiped not only with laundry soap, but also with a disinfectant. This will help prevent the reproduction of fungus and bacteria .
  6. Each cleaning should end with aeration of the sauna.

Sauna cleaning methods

Order deep cleaning, cleaning of the apartment, cleaning the office, cleaning the territory is easy by the phone numbers listed on the site. Disinfection and disinsection also are included in the arsenal of our services.

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