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How to lubricate a door lock

Care of equipment

One of the most difficult obstacles on the way can come from a bored entrance lock. Because of this, you can be late for school, work, an important meeting and skip your plane. It can play a cruel joke in matters of its own security. If problems with turning the key have arisen, then you can solve the issue radically – replace the lock. If it is of sufficient quality, you need to contact the master who will determine the reason.

How to lubricate the lock

Perhaps you just need to clean it and lubricate it. Grease improves the sliding of small parts of the lock mechanism. It prevents the appearance of rust and reduces their wear. And this will avoid jamming. Modern security doors can have sophisticated safe or code locks, in these cases there should be instruction from manufacturers or door installers. Due to the presence of mobile communications in every home, in case of seizing a lock of this level, you need to contact the Emergency Service of the city where you live.

How to lubricate the lock

Our cleaning company recommends several options for lubricants for the door lock, which will help take care of it and avoid the extreme situation:

  1. If the key is stuck in the lock, it means that it needs to be dismantled.
  2. The type of material for lubrication depends on the type of locking mechanism.
  3. The lock of the safe type is greased with graphite dust, which is gently injected into the well. This dust can be obtained from the lead of a simple pencil.
  4. Cylindrical and lock bolts are lubricated with machine oil. A few drops, which should be applied to the upper part of the tongue of the lock, are injected with a pipette or medical syringe. Then insert the key into the well and turn it several times. Wipe excess oil with a dry rag.
  5. It is also recommended to lubricate the lock with a special tool WD-40.

Our cleaning company offers: cleaning, deep cleaning, disinfection, cleaning at the office, cleaning after repair.

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