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How to clean chairs

Care of furniture

A special cozy and comfortable atmosphere of an apartment, a house, a cottage is created by chairs with textile or suede details, with a decoration on the handles or seats. However, it is these parts of the chair that can be particularly vulnerable to stains from wine, coffee, juice, sweat, fat drops or water divorce. In every house, no matter how carefully they cleaned and carefully treated furniture, stains can not be insured. But this does not mean that you need to abandon your favorite attributes and live only in modestly practical spaces. Dry cleaning at home will easily cope with such misunderstandings and return the chairs to a pristine appearance.

If the spot is planted, then the first thing you need to pay attention to when removing it is its age. So, just planted a spot you can try to remove yourself. But any old spot is difficult to be deduced and the only salvation in this case will be cleaning services, one of the directions in the work of which is dry cleaning of furniture.

Cleaning companies do not use improvised means, in their arsenal there are many industrial stain removers and hardware methods for cleaning any surfaces. But if a decision is made to self-combat stains our agency for cleaning apartments is ready to share useful tips:

  • Before cleaning the stain from the stool, it is necessary to vacuum its soft surface well. Because the dust that always collects in cloth or suede when reacting to water or detergent will always give the desired shade;
  • Deep cleaning of the apartment can be carried out by various means, but what is effective in everyday life can be very aggressive for fabrics. Therefore, before cleaning the stain with detergent, make sure that its composition does not include chlorine, which can color out and damage the product;
  • To clean upholstered furniture, you can not use a large amount of water, because it can create stains and damage its frame;
  • rub the spot from the edge of the dirt to its center, at first more strongly and intensively, then easier;
  • house cleaning can be carried out by various sponges and rags, but the stains should be removed only with a soft brush, and not with a foam sponge;
  • for traces of berries and juice, the most effective solution is water and vinegar, treated in equal dilution. It should be applied to the contaminated area, after 5 minutes, wipe with a tissue;
  • если к мягкой части стула была приклеена жвачка, необходимо приложить на несколько минут кубик льда. Подмерзшую резинку легче удалить с ткани твердым предметом;
  • cleaning of chairs, a soft part of them from drops of blood is carried out with dissolved in water aspirin, at first the spots become lighter color, after 15 minutes they can be cleaned with intensive brush movements;
  • grease stains, try to remove using kitchen salt or starch. For this it is worth pouring them on a stain with a slide, left for 10-15 minutes, then intensively brushing off.

Even if I visited the idea that restoring the upholstered furniture will not help to restore the old look, it is not worth hurrying. We need to turn to professionals and our cleaning company will assess the damage caused to the chairs. Often things look much sadder than they really are. Experience, equipment, equipment, cleaning materials are saved from a variety of situations. So, let’s sum up the above.

If you do not risk yourself to remove stains from the chair, you can not get rid of the old pollution, you are afraid to ruin expensive furniture or it is suitable only for dry cleaning of furniture, it is worth ordering cleaning services. If there is no free time and there is a firm belief that everyone should do their job – then professional cleaning will come to the rescue. To do this, you need to contact the phone numbers listed on our website and order at a convenient time for cleaning, any kind of cleaning, or general cleaning which may include cleaning upholstered furniture at home.

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