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How to clean unpholstered chairs

Care of furniture

Upholstered furniture, chairs with comfortable fabric upholstery very soften the home environment, making the space cozy and comfortable. In addition to positive influence on the atmosphere of the home, they are allowed to relax your back and recover faster after working days. However, it is the tissue surface of the chairs that is vulnerable to frequent contamination, which is important in time and correctly removed so that no trace remains.

Our cleaning company thanks to the services that are in the arsenal: dry cleaning at home, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, dry cleaning of leather furniture can quickly, efficiently, professionally clean any stains. If, for some reason, this is not possible, we share practical advice on how to do it yourself and where to start. The first step should be in the correct selection of cleaning agents, in the variety of which it is easy to get confused. It is necessary to pay attention to the means intended for the material from which the upholstery is made. For example:

  1. If the furniture is covered with flock, the seats can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and washed with any chemical means. Such a fabric is very hardy, long serves, does not shed, does not burn out in the sun and is considered one of the most wear-resistant.
  2. Upholstery made of microfiber visually similar to flock. It is also easily cleaned by a vacuum cleaner, washed with detergents. Short fibers of polyester fabric repel liquids, resisting their ingress into the interior. Therefore, it is popularly called a rubberized cloth, but we do not recommend the use of aggressive, abrasive agents, rigid sponges.
  3. If the furniture is upholstered with tapestry or jacquard, you need to take care of these fabrics carefully. Their interlacing of yarns consists of complex patterns, often bilateral and multi-colored. Therefore, they can be cleaned only by dry cleaning or special foam. It is safer to order dry cleaning of furniture at home, this will not spoil it.
  4. Any fluffy upholstery: velor, corduroy, velvet must be vacuumed through a rag or napkin. This will provide an indirect contact with the gentle fibers of the tissues. They only show dry cleaning, foam treatment for these coatings or dry cleaning of furniture.
  5. Leather furniture is not recommended to be washed with water. Such contact will give the product a dim light, it can dry out and crack. We recommend the use of special foams and cleansing sprays for leather furniture.

Our cleaning company offers: dry cleaning of upholstered furniture at home, dry cleaning of leather furniture, deep cleaning.

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