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How to remove scum from kettle

How to clean

Today it is impossible to imagine your life without an electric kettle. In a few minutes with its help, boiling water, absolutely necessary for making tea, coffee, cereal or milk formula, will be ready. During the heating of water, scale forms, which settles on the walls of the household appliance and especially its spiral.

These are components of water, more of a magnesium and potassium salt. Sufficient content of them on the spiral worsens the taste of boiled water, changes the taste of tea and coffee. This affects our health and at the same time increases the electricity bill. Since the scale on the spiral increases the heating time of water and may even cause a breakdown of the kettle. Our cleaning company shares practical advice on how to clean an electric kettle from scaling using improvised methods:

  1. The most common and effective means of descaling is vinegar. It is enough to pour it on the bottom of the kettle, so that the liquid completely covers the heating spiral and be included in the work. After shutdown, you need to let the vinegar cool down, drain it and collect clean water. Boiling ordinary water, conditions are created for cleaning the kettle from the acid.
  2. After removing the vinegar from the kettle, its spiral and walls will be absolutely clean, without even needing additional force application.
  3. With a slight contamination of the spiral, you can boil a solution of water with the addition of a packet of citric acid. After that, thoroughly rinse the kettle.
  4. Also effective are beverages containing orthophosphoric acid, for example Coca-Cola
  5. The result will be a clean and shiny teapot.

Our cleaning company does not recommend cleaning the heating spiral of the washing machine with vinegar, in this case only special means should be used. You can find out the cost of cleaning services by phone numbers, which are indicated on the pages of our website. Disinsection, disinfection of premises, deratization, cleaning after repair is also in our arsenal.

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