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How to wash car

Useful little things

In the world of speed, today it is impossible to imagine your life without a car. And if you personally do not possess this means of transportation, then someone in the parental, brotherly or family of friends is necessarily closely acquainted with it. Not only the apartment, the house is changing the cleaning. Every car needs regular washing to avoid rusting and damage to paintwork.

How to wash a car

A lot of services and sinks around the clock declare their willingness to help in this. However, when there is no possibility to address to professionals, the following recommendations which were collected by our cleaning company will be superfluous.

You need to stick to some sequence. It is better to wash the sink in the shade to avoid excessive heating of the body. Before washing it must be carefully examined. If the bottom of the car is heavily soiled, remove the dried spray of liquid dirt with a soft sponge.

Then close all hatches, windows and doors, and you can start washing.

Always clean the car from top to bottom. You can not do this with hot water. It is best if the water is slightly warm or cold. If possible, it is better to wash the car with a watering hose. If this is not possible, then water should be changed as often as possible.

How to wash a car

If you try to wipe the dust with a dry rag before washing, then it is fraught with the appearance of numerous scratches on the paintwork. Therefore, you need to start by pouring a body with plenty of clean water. To achieve a good result, it is better not to use a washing powder for car washing, since its particles can scratch the paintwork. It is better to use a special auto shampoo. It forms an abundant soap foam, which easily removes dirt.

Wipe the car you need only soft rags, microfiber or special suede.

Our cleaning company offers: all kinds of cleaning, window cleaning, dry cleaning of leather furniture.

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