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How to get rid of pills on clothes

Care of clothes

Another acquisition of the modern world is synthetic fabrics. The variety of their compositions, colors, features in the sock, in contact with the sun and water do not cease to amaze. Thanks to them, fashion designers from all countries can sew clothes without thinking about the high cost of the material. However, it is the synthetic fibers that create a slight discomfort in the toe, which is manifested by the formation of “skewers” on the fabric.

How to get rid of the pellets on clothes

They are provoked by the friction of one side of the material about the other. For example, a jacket dressed in a cardigan or a dress, a jacket covering a skirt, a coat on top of a knitted suit. It can spoil the mood, but does not mean that it spoiled the thing forever. Our cleaning company has prepared several recommendations on how to get rid of “skewers” on clothes:

  1. There is a special machine, the principle of which is based on the cutting of blades “cutlet” from the surface of the fabric. Like a mechanical men’s razor, the machine shaves the clothes qualitatively and only in this case, the risk of cutting the interlacing of the threads is minimal. When choosing it, you need to pay attention to the mesh, in the main part, where there should be large cells. This will allow the blades to cut off “skates” of any size. A good quality machine will restore the original state of the thing at a time. It is important to treat only a dry surface, which should be leveled and stretched before cleaning.
  2.  If there is no special machine, you can use a razor. You need to be careful not to cut the fabric, so do not use new blades. The thing must be dry, it should be put on a hard surface and a little tight. Shave the fabric in the direction from top to bottom.
  3. A small accumulation of “coils” can be eliminated with an adhesive tape, which must be glued to the problem area and sharply torn off.
  4. Do not use a razor and a sticky tape for fluffy clothes made of mohair, angora. “Coils” on them can only be removed by painstaking manual labor.
  5. After using our tips in practice you will get an excellent result!

How to remove the pellets from clothes at home

You can order cleaning services and find out their cost by phone numbers indicated on the site. Our cleaning company offers: cleaning, dry cleaning of furniture, disinfection, disinsection.

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