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How to store a fur coat in summer

Care of clothes

Practically Every woman dreams of a natural coat. And when the acquisition becomes a reality, there are several questions about keeping the fur coat in excellent condition while staying in the closet.

Storage of fur coats in the summer

How to protect it from moles? How to save the gloss and elasticity of your favorite things for a long time? Can I ventilate my summer coat in the sun? What parameters harm the natural fur? Is it possible to care for a fur coat only with the help of dry-cleaning? There may be a lot of such questions. Therefore, our cleaning company has tried to answer some of them:

  1. At home, in a regular closet, the fur coat should be hung on broad shoulders in a dark cloth cover, which protects the color of furs from burning.
  2. Be sure to put the fur coat apart from other things to prevent deformation of the fur.
  3. Do not use polyethylene bags as a protective cover. They will not allow the coat to “breathe” and can create the effect of the steam roomп
  4. Deep cleaning in the room where the coat box is located should include ventilation of the cover. To do this, you need to hang it for a few minutes, without removing fur coats, only by opening the zipper.
  5. Near the fur coat, place some tools that scare the moles. They are sold in stores, or they can be made by yourself. These include dry herbs: geranium, mint, lavender, walnut leaves. Dry plants can be laid out or hanging next to gauze sacs. It is necessary to think about the system of grass storage, so as not to create additional debris in the cabinet, which will require cleaning.
  6. Before hiding on a summer coat in a cover it is necessary to shave it carefully, to remove all from pockets, to air (hang for a couple of days, during) and to comb the fur with small comb.
  7. A heavily soiled coat should be cleaned before storing. The most effective and reliable is specialized dry cleaning.

Saving coats in summer

Fur items can be rented for professional storage. This place is a fridge, which regulates the special temperature and humidity, is regularly aired, creates all conditions favorable for fur coats. In Kiev, the refrigerator in the “Empire of Fur” shop is positioned in such a reliable repository. In other cities, information about them can be found on the Internet.

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