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How to wash stretch ceiling

How to clean

Cleaning the apartment does not mean washing the ceiling at all. Glossy or matt stretch ceiling is washed only as it gets dirty. So, in the kitchen this may require more frequent care. This is due to the daily cooking, sprinkling of fat, the release of steam from the pans. The hood, if it is, does not always cope with high-quality air purification and pollution settle on the ceiling. In the living room, hall, the hall of pollution can arise from an upward stream of champagne, a carbonated drink or some other sudden situations. However, removing the stains of the stretch ceiling is easy.

Our cleaning company shares recommendations that you can use for self-cleaning the ceiling:

  1. Remove from hands rings, bracelets, watches that can damage or scratch the surface of the stretch ceiling.
  2. Use only soft rags, microfiber, soft-mop.
  3. For washing, detergent is suitable for dishes, which must be diluted in a small amount in the pelvis.
  4. Wet your sponge, in the soapy solution prepared, start gradually moving in circular movements from one corner to the other.
  5. The second time, go through a clean rag, moistened and carefully squeezed out.
  6. The third time is to wipe the surface with soft paper towels.
  7. When washing the glossy surface of the ceiling, it is effective to use a solution for washing windows containing ammonia. In this case, you just need to apply it and rub it well.
  8. To avoid straying, you need to spray a small amount of solution for washing windows.

Our cleaning company is not only ready to recommend this or that method in washing or cleaning. We daily conduct a range of cleaning services. In their arsenal: cleaning, deep cleaning, cleaning after repair, cleaning after a fire, disinfection.

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