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How to wash embroidered clothing

How to wash

The need to wash the embroidery product can be confusing. Is not it dangerous, does not spoil, does not the embroidery fade? Several recommendations on how to do it delicately, how to avoid difficult situations, has been gathered by our cleaning company.

Machine embroidery products do not usually require special preparation for washing. What can not be said about hand embroidery, which requires attention. You need to look at the bottom of the product and, if necessary, fill the ends of the threads. It is also necessary to fix the unprocessed edges of the products. You can do this with a colorless nail polish. Before washing it is desirable to remove dust from embroidered items of interior with a cleaning sticky roller. If you are afraid to do it yourself – dry dry-cleaning of furniture at home is in the arsenal of our cleaning services.

In the process of washing it may be necessary to use cold water with dissolved vinegar in it: 1 tbsp. a spoon of vinegar per 1 liter of water. It is better to prepare it in advance.

It is recommended to wash embroidered articles manually in warm water, using liquid detergents. In the event that the colored filaments begin to melt, it is necessary to immediately rinse the embroidery in the prepared water with vinegar.

It is necessary to wash the embroidery carefully, in no case do not rub it and do not mourn. Beaded embroidery requires particularly careful handling. It needs to be immersed in soapy water and gently tap on the surface.

After washing the embroidered product should be rinsed well in a large amount of slightly warm water, so that all soap is completely washed. You need to finish the process by rinsing the embroidery in cold water with vinegar. Then straighten the product and let it drain off with water.

To dry the article with embroidery it is necessary in the expanded form on a terry towel. You can also wrap the product in a “roller” towel and gently roll it out on an even surface, thus getting rid of excess moisture. After this, you need to dry the embroidery with an iron, for which to spread it on a dry towel with a towel up, straighten it and iron it at the temperature minimum until it dries. Order cleaning, dry-cleaning of furniture, restoring of furniture and any kind of cleaning can be on our site.

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