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How to wash down jacket

How to wash

White color goes to everyone and in white things everyone looks younger, more attractive and more fashionable. In winter, in a white down jacket, not only warm, but also always stylish.

But to clean it or wash it is necessary regularly and even more often down jackets of other colors. However, in the modern world this will not bring insurmountable difficulties. Our cleaning company would like to provide cleaning and laundry hacks services, which will make life easier for you. That’s why we share our recommendations:

    1. Before loading the down jacket into the washing machine, it must be turned inside out.
    2. To wash the down jacket, do not use detergent, take a quality gel for washing, it will be safer and more efficient.
    3. To wash in the car it is necessary with the use of special balls, which do not allow fluff to be knocked down by lumps.

  1. After washing, the down jacket requires repeated rinses. They need to be repeated two to three times more.
  2. Press the down jacket at high speed to quickly get rid of excess moisture.
  3. To dry it is necessary, having spread out on a horizontal surface, periodically shaking and stretching clods of down.

It happens that after the white down jacket is dry, yellowish spots appear on its surface. It’s fat from poorly-purified fluff. In this case, you need to treat the stains with a dishwashing detergent, lightly rubbing it, and leave for a quarter of an hour. Then you have to wash it again and rinse it at least three times. And you will definitely get an excellent result.

The most versatile washing of the down jacket is dry cleaning, but do not use it too often, as this will speed up the wear and tear of things.

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How to wash a down jacket

How to wash
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