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How to wash curtains made from tulle

How to wash

Lightness, airy tulle is not only a delicate frame of the window, the creation of a cozy, spiritual atmosphere, but also a serious barrier to dust that enters the house. Tulles have to first meet what flies in an open window or window.

That is why, even the most qualitative fabric texture quickly clogs. This is absolutely not a problem and there are many ways to wash the tulle and restore it to its previous state. Our cleaning company shares practical advice on this:

  1. Before washing, the tulle must be well drained from dust.
  2. A favorable effect will be given by pre-soaking in warm water with the addition of detergent and edible salt for 2 hours.
  3. Tulle can be washed by hands and using a washing machine.
  4. When machine washing, you must place the tulle in a special bag. Wash only in the delicate washing mode, you can repeat the rinse. We advise you to turn off the spin completely or use only the minimum speed. This will not damage the delicate fabric.
  5. If there is a need and desire to whiten tulle, you can only use oxygen-containing bleach.

Our cleaning company is not only ready to suggest how to act in this or that case of cleaning, but also to perform general cleaning, dry cleaning of furniture at home.

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