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How to wash a down jacket

How to wash

Today, warm winter clothes do not necessarily have to be heavy, as before (sheepskin coat, sheepskin coat). The down jacket has replaced many of its types. Bright varieties in the tissues of the upper part, which not only pleases the eye in the absence of the sun, but also makes your image stylish and fashionable. Each person chooses the style and color according to their taste. A tag attached to the inside of the down jacket indicates the care conditions for it. Dry cleaning is the most universal and reliable method of putting it in order. They will professionally determine the degree of contamination and select, with regard to tissue and filler, a favorable remedy. However, this is not always possible.

Therefore, our cleaning company shares practical advice on how to wash the down jacket at home:

  1. Hand wash. This method is the most sparing, but for the full effect it is necessary to take measures so that clothes do not lose shape and there are no stains left after washing. To do this, do not use dry detergent. Since it is difficult to rinse out manually. Preference is given to delicate gel for washing fluff or colorless liquid detergent. Before washing, unfasten all removable parts and fur, zip or button. Begin by spotting the spots from the most polluted areas (the bottom of the sleeves and down jacket, the area of ​​elbows, pockets, the gate). They can be thoroughly rubbed with a soft brush and detergent, then rinse with running water. If the down jacket is not heavily soiled, then after washing the stains and contaminated areas, it should be hung on the hanger and washed by showering. If it is heavily soiled, it should be soaked in warm water and detergent for 30 minutes.
  2. Machine washing is an easy and quick way, but it’s especially necessary to do it wisely, so as not to spoil the down jacket. It is possible to erase only in a delicate mode, using a temperature not exceeding 45 degrees. Special places that are soiled should be rubbed with a soft brush and detergent before washing. Do not use dry detergent, only liquid, preferably special for fluff. After washing, repeat the rinse mode. During washing, be sure to put in the middle of the drum 2-3 special balls for washing down or tennis. This is an important prevention of maintaining its homogeneity. Simultaneously with the down jacket, you can not erase anything. Dry preferably in unfolded form, in fresh air or draft.

We wish you good luck in independently bringing the down jacket in order. We also remind of our services: cleaning, general cleaning, cleaning of the territory, office cleaning, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, dry cleaning of leather furniture, disinfection.

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How to wash down jacket

How to wash
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