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How to unclog a drain

We repair ourselves

The unpleasant smell coming from the kitchen sink, the water that has long and slowly gone into the drain of a bathtub or wash basin – these and similar nuances absolutely disturb the order in the house. They disturb the nervous system of the owners, prevent quickly wash the collected dishes, leave dirty traces on the plumbing and can serve as sources of illnesses.

The cause of these troubles are clogged sewer pipes. To create a congestion does not necessarily throw a certain object into it. Food cleaning, fat, hair, soap water collect in small diameter pipes and easily create an obstacle. Cleaning an apartment / house / cottage can not become full when the drains are clogged.

Our cleaning company shares practical advice, as in today’s world to resist the clogging of sewage:

  1. The most fashionable option is to install a device-disposer, which in a few minutes utilizes fruits, vegetables, small chicken and fish bones, watermelon crusts, paper napkins and towels, seeds, eggshells. It grinds, crushes the waste to a size of 3 mm and sends it to the sewer along with the drains. It becomes indispensable in the kitchen, creates a prevention of clogging of sewerage and completely eliminates the need for a trash can.
  2. The second universal means are chemical reagents for cleaning sewage in the form of powder, granules or liquid. They are poured or poured into the drain hole of the pipe for several hours, then washed off with a large amount of running water. Such funds are sold on a free sale. They do not require the need to disassemble the siphon under the sink, absolutely do not stain your hands. The only warning is – do not contact the skin, gently fall asleep exactly into the sink.

For the prevention of sewerage clogging, every deep cleaning must be accompanied by a drainage cleaning. This should be done regularly, at least once a month or two. If all the same the sewerage is clogged, you need to turn to the plumber. Our cleaning company is ready to provide cleaning, pipe cleaning, cleaning services.

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