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How to transplant potted plants properly

Care of plants

Live flowers in the apartment / house / cottage, whole greenhouses on the balcony or in the winter garden change the whole interior and bring a note of comfort, eternal summer, eternal life in our life. But why in one house do they grow and develop rapidly and easily, and in the other they wither and dry, despite regular watering and high-grade lighting? This may depend on several reasons.

Our clining company includes in its composition florists, who, based on experience, share such tips:

  • transplant flowers as soon as they have noticed signs of soil silt, disease on the stem or leaves of the flower;
  • if the root system has become cramped in a pot, you can easily identify the plant with an earthen lump from the previous pot. If the root system has encircled the whole earth, then it has grown and the flower is poured into a larger pot;
  • a favorable season for transplanting plants is spring or autumn;

  • for the planting of flowers, the soil is best purchased in the store, since the yard land or from the garden plot contains larvae, which may contribute to the appearance of midges or disease to the flower;
  • after planting the plant, it must be watered abundantly, then the land is seated and it must be poured;
  • if the flower grows slowly, completely stopped in its growth or gives small leaves, the blossoming does not bloom – these are the signals for the necessary plant transplantation.
  • one Lifehack for the care of flowers reports that an effective tree is considered to be an effective fertilizer, so do not rush to take the tree after the holiday;
  • cleaning windows is closely connected with the care of the flowerpots standing on the windowsill.

Each weekly cleaning should include wiping dust on the windowsill and inspecting the vases available there. Removing dry foliage, shoots, rubbing large leaves and moistening the flower by spraying water is included in the list, which contains a weekly and deep cleaning in the house.

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