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How to take new year tree down

Useful little things

The New Year tree is a miracle that brings the mood of a holiday to the house. However, just as she pleases on the eve of the New Year, she also grieves the need to clean it. A huge number of balls and garlands, rain, hand-made ornaments and fashionable souvenirs can decorate every branch.

Euphoria waiting for the holiday allowed them to be easily and quickly mounted on a Christmas tree. But where do you take the energy to remove everything neatly? Our cleaning company shares practical advice on how to facilitate this task:

  1. If you have a natural spruce or pine, then their needles can be strewed and create extra garbage. That’s why before cleaning the Christmas tree you need to lay the floor under it.
  2. First remove those ornaments that were last hung. For example, if the electric garlands were hung on the Christmas tree at the very last stage, and the first one is shooting the New Year’s rain, then the long garland cable will press the rain to the branches. This will confuse the tinsel and delay the exercise of stripping the Christmas tree.
  3. Prepare a box for balls, icicles and other toys. Begin to shoot from the top down and gently lay them in the storage space.
  4. Toys are not washed, if there are no separate cells in the prepared box, wrap each separately in any soft paper, fabric or wrapping film.
  5. Felting garland folded into the box in which it was sold. If the box is not preserved – wind it on any object in the form of a pipe, and then fold it next to the rest of the toys.
  6. After the tree has remained without ornaments, put it on the floor. Wear mittens or gloves so as not to injure your hands, and gradually pressing the branches to the trunk, tie it with string. In this state it is easier to take out of the apartment / house without scratching the walls on the way to the exit. It is also effective to use a stretch film.

Our cleaning company offers services to restore order after the celebrations: cleaning, deep cleaning, cleaning of offices, cleaning of the territory, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, disinfection.

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