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How to take care of washing machine

Care of equipment

Almost every cleaning is accompanied by washing of things. And for a long time already everyone switched from washing their hands to the machine. Modern erasing unit is capable without waste of labor, it is impeccable to wash about 5 kg of things at once: cumbersome curtains, bed sets, workers and building robes. And the only condition directly dependent on the person is the careful attitude to the washing machine. This is what will prolong her life. But carefulness here has nothing to do with thrift. Put in a corner and do not use the washing machine does not mean to prolong its working state. Thanks to the commercial, we know about the lime scale, which can damage the car.

But there are other problems. Our cleaning company shares the observations of specialists:

  1. Fungus, mold often appears on the rubber parts of the machine door and powder compartments, small debris, crumbs, fragments of a poor-quality powder or rinse aid can lead to the accumulation of bacteria, fungus, on the walls of the drum, sealing rings and powder compartments. This can damage the components of the machine. To counter this, you can regularly wipe these parts dry, after each wash. Thoroughly check things before washing, to wipe out pockets. The compartment for the powder should be carefully pulled out and washed in a dishwasher.
  2. After washing, always leave the door open for at least an hour.
  3. To save all the resources of the washing machine, it is recommended to wash more often in low temperature modes and squeeze out at medium speed.
  4. Regular washing at low temperatures promotes the growth of bacteria. Once a month, it is necessary to wash in boiling mode.
  5. Citric acid and vinegar perfectly cope with the lime scale on the heating spiral. However, they can be aggressive, for rubber parts in the machine. Therefore, we recommend at least once every two to three months to apply a high-quality remedy for plaque.

Our cleaning company offers all types of cleaning, cleaning windows, dry cleaning of furniture, furniture restoration, disinfection and cleaning after repair.

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