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How to stretch jeans

Care of clothes

Як розтягнути джинси на талії Sometimes it happens that your favorite jeans suddenly become tight. Of course, this brings discomfort and every cleaning in the closet reminds of this. But do not rush them to throw out or alter. Use our tips on how to stretch your jeans a little. This requires only a small amount of warm water, iron and the following manipulations:


  1. Iron included in steaming mode.
  2. Water with water from “face” and “iszanka” problem sites.
  3. To see jeansya iron in these places, strongly stretching them in the width.
  4. To complete, still through the jeans ‘tension, hope and have a time in them to go.


This is enough to make the product take on the necessary shape and become more comfortable.

If the jeans are tight in only at the waist, right at the seat for the belt, then a plastic bottle with water will come in handy. To stretch the belt of trousers, you need to wet it well on both sides, purl and facial. Then put on your jeans, zip up. Now the task is to put the bottle between the belt of the trousers and the waist. After this, it remains to wait until the jeans are completely dry.


Another thing to consider is that these “metamorphoses” are not permanent. Washing in hot water will return the jeans the previous size and they will again become an anointed eyes and every cleaning will remind you of this.


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