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How to сlean the fireplace

How to clean

An indispensable attribute of a cozy private house is a fireplace. However, in order for it to be not only a colorful interior, but also perfectly perform its direct functions, it needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly. Each owner, having acquired a fireplace, buys a cylindrical brush for cleaning the chimney and brushes with medium-hard bristles.

Fireplace cleaning

Our cleaning company has gathered practical recommendations in order to independently clean the fireplace and at the same time preserve the order in the house:

  1. Cleaning and cleaning of the fireplace can begin only after it has completely cooled down.
  2. It is necessary to cover with polyethylene film the floor near the fireplace and the furniture that stands next to it. Because soot and carbon deposits easily block all the cracks and are difficult to wash off afterwards.
  3. You need to wear specially allotted clothes, gloves, preferably an apron and necessarily protective glasses.
  4. It is very important to close the furnace hole with a thick polyethylene film before starting cleaning. It must be secured around the perimeter with adhesive tape. In the center of the film, make a small T-cut. Through it, using a special brush from the bottom up, stopping and repeating the movements in one place, begin to clean the chimney. It is important that the diameter of the brush is larger than the diameter of the chimney.
  5. Especially persistent deposits are cleaned with a metal scraper.
  6. Control the quality of cleaning with a special mirror.

Clean the fireplace

  1. The garbage dropped from the chimney is collected at the end of the procedure with a brush and scoop in a bucket.
  2. Smoke pipe is cleaned from above. The frequency depends on the frequency of use of the fireplace.
  3. From the furnace ash is swept out with a broom.
  4. Wet cleaning of the fireplace should begin only after all internal rubbish, soot and soot are removed. Cellophane, protecting the floor and furniture was collected and handed over, and working clothes were removed.
  5. The internal surface of the furnace, the grate grate cleanses the dishwashing detergent well.
  6. The glass screen is effectively washed by means for washing windows.
  7. Marble, stone, cast iron surfaces are advised to put in order special detergents for them.

Our cleaning company offers an arsenal of services: cleaning, general cleaning, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture at home, disinfection, cleaning after repair.

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