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How to sharpen scissors

Useful little things

How annoying and discouraging the process, when you urgently need to cut something, and scissors just chew, and do not cut. Tailors always store their main working item in excellent condition and trust it to sharpen only to professionals. This is a competent and justified approach. However, what to do, if they are not needed every day, there is no time to go to the workshop to sharpen the scissors, and cut it off momentarily. Our cleaning company continues to share methods of quick help with improvised means:

  1. Take a normal sewing needle and start cutting it as if you are cutting a piece of paper. Try to evenly move it along the entire length of the scissors, polishing, thus, the entire cutting surface. The pressure that is applied during such cutting – sharpens the cutting edge of the scissors. Do this 10-15 times and check the quality of the grinding: to do this, wet a sheet of paper and try to cut it. Sharp scissors can easily cope with this task.
  2. Take a glass bottle without a sticker and a drawing. The size of it should be such that it turns out to clasp with scissors. It is necessary to cut the bottle with them so that the cutting surface slides along the side surface of the glass.
  3. Take aluminum foil, cut a piece to half a meter, fold several times, cut the learned strip with scissors, which should be sharpened. The more strips of foil you cut off, the sharper the blades of scissors become.

One of these tips will certainly help. We, on our part, recall that we are not only ready to recommend, but also to fulfill: cleaning, dry cleaning of leather furniture, disinfection, cleaning windows and many other cleaning services.

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