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How to serve a new year table

Useful little things

Happy New Year! Cleaning in the house is done, the Christmas tree is decorated, salads are crumbled, the meat is languishing in the oven and what else needs to be done about the house? Of course, prepare – skillfully serve a festive table. Sometimes the first impression and the further mood of the hostess and the guests depend on this seemingly trivial matter. And it is the New Year that is a free flight of fantasy in the decoration of the whole house and the festive table. Naturally, the taste of food does not replace their spectacular presentation. However, a harmonious combination of tablecloth, glasses, plates, trifles in table decoration will play a major role in good appetite and high spirits.

Our cleaning company shares several tips on how to harmoniously and effectively serve the New Year’s table:

  1. The main element is to make a tablecloth. Do not use oilcloth, no matter how fashionable and beautiful it was. The size of the tablecloth is selected so that it completely covers the surface of the table and hangs on each side no less than 20 cm, but no more than 40 cm.
  2. Tablecloth and napkins will be a bright spot of decor, so use the recommendations of the Eastern calendar and select them according to the favorite color of the coming year.
  3. Very bright and festive looks snow-white tablecloth. To her, napkins of any colors and patterns will do.
  4. It is the New Year’s table that loves candles. They can be in high classical candlesticks, garlands of Christmas tree branches, individual compositions for each guest. They have no barriers and numbers, you can decorate your table with your own taste. They will create a fabulous, special atmosphere of New Year’s Eve.
  5. Another obligatory attribute should be high glasses for champagne. Even if you do not drink this drink, they are associated with the meeting of the new year, with triumph. Therefore, it is worth decorating the table with them. Each glass decorate with a shiny snowflake, iridescent rain or a string of pearly beads.
  6. Even old glasses can be decorated with a scattering of colorful confetti, glitter, satin bows, rain or artificial snow.
  7. Pay attention to the plates. If you have a festive service, then this is the reason to get it. If there are no identical plates, think up, how it is possible to alternate alternately on a table, creating, thus, an original pun. This holiday loves everything unusual.
  8. It is impossible to admit to the house everyday life – disposable plastic plates and glasses. Even if you want to use disposable dishes, then buy the original cardboard colored plates.

Cleaning before the coming holiday and cleaning after it can become the tasks of the professionals of our cleaning agency. Territory cleaning, office cleaning, deep cleaning, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, disinfection and many other services are in our arsenal.

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