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How to save the green lawn in winter

Care of plants

Emerald lawn with short-cropped grass, of equal height, enchants with its green life-affirming simplicity and at the same time, already a couple of centuries, as a symbol of luxury. Each owner strives to surround his house with this element of coziness and natural beauty.

But to make the lawn look well-groomed, it’s not enough just to sow the ground with the seeds of grass. It is necessary to make a lot of efforts.

In addition to daily watering, timely haircuts and regular fertilization in the spring-summer season, care should be taken to ensure that the lawn successfully survived the winter and continued to please the eye. In other words, with the onset of autumn, you need to prepare a lawn for winter. Our cleaning company shares several important tips:

  1. Lawn and autumn needs regular watering, haircut and fertilizer up to the first frost. But it is necessary to make some seasonal changes in these activities due to weather changes.
  2. In autumn, it is necessary to replace nitrogen fertilizers with potassium-containing and phosphorus-containing fertilizers.
  3. The formed bald spots must be densely covered with humus mixed with sand.
  4. It makes sense to fork “pierce” the lawn in several places. These holes will serve to ensure that during autumn downpours, excess water can freely flow to the roots.
  5. Сutting. Mow grass in autumn is less often than in summer, because In the fall its growth slows down. It is advisable to keep the height of plants at 5-8 cm. In case of frosts, longer stalks will lodge, and next spring they will prevent sprouting. It is necessary to closely monitor the weather forecast, so that it does not happen to cut the lawn and bare the roots before freezing.
  6. You should water the lawn in the autumn every week. And then – in case of dry weather. The soil on the lawn in autumn should not be excessively wet.

The cleaning company offers services: cleaning, dry cleaning of leather furniture, cleaning after repair, disinfestation, fighting with insects.

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