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How to remove stains from glue

Stain Removal

Even the most accurate person, working with glue, can stain clothes. It will have a solid stain of dried glue that will not disappear when washing.

However, do not get upset and part with this thing. Our cleaning company has gathered several practical tips on how to get such a stain out of clothes:

  1. It’s easier to remove a fresh, just stuck spot of glue. Do not wait until it completely withers. For example, a clerical glue can easily be washed with warm water for several minutes. When it dries, it forms a vitreous plate, which is difficult to remove.
  2. In order to quickly remove glue drops, you need to thoroughly wipe it with a dry cloth, as if offering him to switch from one fabric to another. Paper napkins for this use is not necessary, it is easily glued. If you do not have at hand an unnecessary piece of cloth, you can use cardboard.
  3. Scrape with a knife the adhesive from the fabric structure is not worth it, so you will damage the clothes.
  4. The spots from the PVA glue are well washed with warm water and detergent.
  5. The glue “Moment” can be cleaned with acetone or gasoline.
  6. An old stain of an unknown glue can be frozen in the freezer. After several hours of frost, the glue becomes brittle and can be cleaned by rubbing one piece of clothing about the other.

If you have tried the methods suggested above or are afraid to remove the adhesive stain from your clothes on your own, our cleaning company recommends that you turn to dry cleaning services. Stains with carpet, carpet, upholstered furniture can be removed by ordering the service of dry cleaning of furniture at home.

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