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How to remove oil stains

Stain Removal

How often, according to the law of meanness, a sandwich falls oil down. And the fat stain quickly printed on a thin silk dress, cambric blouse or carpeting. However, do not be discouraged about this.

Today, there are many means to remove oil stains. With him, it’s easy to do professional dry cleaning or self-processing with improvised means. Our cleaning company shares a few tips on what operative action should be taken to completely get rid of oil contamination:

  1. The first minutes, when the fat only got on the fabric, it is very effective to drip the dishwashing detergent. A very small amount is enough, in order to degrease the fibers, do not let it act on the fabric structure.
  2. The second widely used tool available in every home is kitchen salt. On only that the delivered fat stain, pour salt in the form of a slide. After 5 minutes, shake and repeat the procedure. Other free-flowing water-absorbing agents, for example baby powder, can also be used.
  3. On hard surfaces, such as jeans, alcohol or vodka works well, wet wipes impregnated with alcohol. They need to vigorously rub the stain.
  4. It is better to treat delicate tissues with ammonia.
  5. Prepared for spot removal, the solution should first be tested on an inconspicuous piece of clothing. This will evaluate the reaction of the tissue to the stain remover.
  6. It is important to get rid of the oil stain without increasing its size. To do this, it is necessary to limit its contour as much as possible, apply the solution along the edges and direct to the center.

Our cleaning company can remove grease stains from floor coverings. Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and dry cleaning of leather furniture will easily cope with any pollution.




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