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How to remove deodorant stains

Stain Removal

Antiperspirants, dry deodorants or aerosols confidently entered our life and saved from the unpleasant odor of many people’s sweat. However, despite the solution of this problem, they brought another. These are traces that they are able to leave on things at the place of application.

This is what prompts you to part with your favorite blouse or jumper, which can not be cleaned not by hand, nor by machine washing. Our cleaning company has collected a few tips that can remove stains from deodorant from their clothes with improvised means:

  1. White spots, stains left by deodorant can be removed with table vinegar. To do this, it is necessary to moisten the thing well in the necessary places and leave it in such condition for a whole night. After thoroughly wash it in the usual way. You can replace vinegar with natural lemon juice. These components can not be used for white clothing, it can turn yellow.
  2. The salt can be rubbed into the stains and get an excellent result. After treatment with salt, it is necessary to extrude the thing well, as usual.
  3. Vodka or alcohol can neutralize the tracks from deodorant on black clothes. Exposure time is no more than 10 minutes.

Cleaning of any room, deep cleaning, dry cleaning of furniture at home, desinsectction, cleaning after repair or fire is just a small list of our services. Call and order!

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