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How to remove a sticker

Stain Removal

Cleaning in the apartment does not look thorough, when there are sticky spots on the items, a dark coating on the place of the recently removed sticker. How difficult it is to get rid of stickers that are found everywhere – both on plastic windows and on household appliances. Our cleaning company shares the following recommendations to help solve this problem:

  1. First you can try to remove the sticker. You just need to pick it up from one corner with an unusable plastic card, bend the edge and slowly (this is important!) Pull.
  2. If this method proved to be ineffective, then it is possible to send a jet of warm, but not hot air to the sticker on the sticker. 15 to 20 seconds is enough. Then pull again at the bent edge.
  3. This method is suitable for labels from thick paper and synthetics. They are usually shot entirely. If there are traces of glue on the surface, they can be removed with the same sticker or tape, if it is pressed against them by an adhesive side.
  4. A thin paper sticker can be removed entirely by soaking the glue and paper. This can be done with any vegetable oil. It can be applied directly to the sticker. Or on the sticker, you can put a napkin, soaked in oil for 5 – 10 minutes. After that, scrape off the sticker with a plastic card or an unnecessary toothbrush. Remains of grease are washed off with dishwashing detergent.
  5. Soak up the top layer of the sticker by pouring a little salt on it and covering it with a damp cloth. Napkins need to be changed before the top layer is soaked. You can also use a sponge. After that, the sticker is easy to remove.

Use to remove labels such as alcohol, acetic or citric acid, various solvents, you need to use caution. It must be taken into account that plastic can deform under their influence. Therefore, you must first check them on an inconspicuous area, apply for half an hour, and then apply.

Cleaning in the apartment is carried out by cleaning abrasive agents, they are counter-indicative to erase stickers.

Cleaning in the apartment / house / cottage can be ordered by the phone numbers indicated on the site.

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