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How to protect potted plants in winter

Care of plants

This advice our cleaning company has created for those who grow plants on the balcony. Who arranged there a whole greenhouse or a small green corner. In the warmer seasons, they are more concerned about feeding or timely transplantation of plants. And we will pay attention to how to care for and what kinds of planting in the winter.

If you have an open balcony, put frost-resistant, evergreen plants in floor or suspended pots. These include: thuja, pygmy spruce, juniper, boxwood. To care for them you need to observe several rules:

    1. When plants grow in the ground their roots go deep into the earth, where they are not afraid of low winter temperatures. To prevent frost penetration, heat the pot from all sides.
    2. Walls of the flowerpot should be wrapped with batting, an old blanket, any insulation.
    3. It is better to put the pot in a box of a larger size, the bottom, which is laid with foam plastic. All the voids between the vase and the box also fill with foam, crumpled paper.

  1. The earth in the flowerpot must be mulched (superficially covered) with peat.
  2. After observing all the warming measures, decorate the box according to your taste.
  3. Crown of evergreens is not threatened not by frost, nor by rain and snow. Snow is periodically shaken off.
  4. If the balcony is glazed and insulated, then measures of protection against frost are not important. There, all plants can grow there all year round. In winter, it is only necessary to reduce the frequency of watering and remember the safety of plants when opening the window for airing.
  5. If the balcony is glazed, but not insulated, it is worth taking care of maintaining the comfort of the soil as carefully as when it is open.

Our cleaning company offers: cleaning, cleaning with a steam generator, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, disinfection, cleaning of the territory.

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