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How to prolong life of broom

Useful little things

Today, there are many modern household appliances with which cleaning is performed faster and better. However, there are still mistresses who consider a simple broom, irreplaceable. He will easily gather the cobwebs in the corners of the house, carefully clean and collect small debris, sand from any cracks, hard-to-reach places. Therefore, these tips how to extend the full life of the broom, our cleaning agency gathered for them. To begin with, we note: a traditional broom, not so simple. It is made only from a herbaceous plant – SORGO.

The three undeniable advantages of a broom are:

  • easy;
  • durable;
  • not expensive.

Extending the life of a broom

If the choice is made in favor of a broom, then every cleaning uses it both in the house and on the street, near the threshold. Therefore, given its purpose, it is necessary to observe a number of rules in order to preserve its durability:

  1. The new broom must be lowered into a bucket of boiling water for several hours. This will increase the elasticity and softness of the twigs woven into a bundle of broom. At the same time, this steaming will create a small tip tip, which will increase its ubiquity.
  2. You can not put a broom beside radiators of a battery, heaters. This can overdry it and make the parts of the broom brittle.
  3. Cleaning the house should end with rinsing the bottom of the broom under running water. This will keep it clean.

Always the owner herself chooses the inventory and cleaning supplies. The cleaning company has a professional such a set that makes any complexity of cleaning real.

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