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How to make fast cleaning after new year

Clean house

Today, Christmas trees are presented for every taste: lively green dense inhabitants of outdoor pots, fluffy pines, waiting tripods, artificial of all kinds and shapes that can not be distinguished from the living. There is no deficit and Christmas toys: bright colored balls, figurines of animals and fruits, gilded icicles and sparkling garlands. The opportunity to dress up a Christmas tree is a lot, for different taste and prosperity.

How to prepare an apartment / house / cottage for the New Year’s Eve we have discussed earlier, but what house cleaning to be after the holiday will consider in more detail.

  • if you need to carefully remove the Christmas tree of any size;
  • if you need to take a Christmas tree from the second, third floor of your house without disturbing the repair and around standing furniture;
  • if the living tree is already dry and falls from any touch;

  • If soft furniture or carpets carry memory from champagne, wine, juice, fruit;
  • if the carpet is densely strewn with bright confetti;
  • If the situation is saved only by dry cleaning of upholstered furniture;
  • If there is a desire to go to work, and return to a clean apartment / house / cottage;
  • If there is absolutely no time to put everything in order – then deep cleaning of the apartment can itself welcome to the house.

On our site you can easily by phone number order cleaning of the apartment. We know all the subtleties of bringing the house in perfect order after a noisy celebration or the stay of guests, children, happened occasional non-standard situations. We have powerful cleaning equipment and modern detergents. Our cleaning company will pick up a convenient time and calculate the cost of services for your option. Please, always ready to help.

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