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How to keep the freshness of flowers

Care of plants

It’s hard to meet a woman who does not like flowers. And if the bouquet keeps its freshness for a long time, then often we hear that the gifter experiences good and good feelings towards you. Maybe this is true, but the beauty and durability of cut flowers directly depends on the care of them. Florists created containers, impregnated sponges, automatic irrigation and watering, a variety of devices to prolong the life of bouquets.

These subtleties can be used by installing them in offices, salons, during conferences, symposia, for a gift to the bride and the birthday girl. But how competently to treat the flowers that brought to your house and they look like a traditional cut bouquet? Our cleaning company shares practical advice on how long to preserve the freshness of flowers:

    1. Change the water in the vase daily. This prevents the emergence and reproduction of putrefactive bacteria that destroy flowers.
    2. Only the bare stems of the flower, twigs and leaves, which grow close to each other, need to be lowered into the water.
    3. Disinfection of water in the vase also contributes to the longevity of plants. For this, activated carbon is placed in water in the form of several tablets. For roses, carnations and chrysanthemums, a favorable background in water will be an aspirin tablet.

  1. Love roses and carnations sweet water in a vase. For their feeding with sugar it is enough to add to the water its dessert spoon.
  2. It is important to cut off the tip of the stem, before putting it in the vase, with an acute knife obliquely.
  3. The secret may be a small nuance: the tip of the rose should be cut off under the stream of water, and flowers with a hard stem, cut from the bush branches cleaned from the skin and split the stem into several parts. This will allow the plant to absorb water and useful substances with it.
  4. Flowers with a hollow stem inside, such as delphinium, will partially absorb water and gradually saturate if a small piece of cotton wool is placed on the base of the stem.
  5. Be sure to consider color compatibility. Do not put roses or carnations in a vase with any others they do not like.
  6. Flowers are sensitive to sudden temperature changes, they fade in drafts and near heating devices. Creating them a comfortable environment, observing the above conditions and dropping into the bathroom in the night with water, you can significantly increase their life.

Our cleaning company offers various types of services: cleaning, dry cleaning of furniture, disinfection, pest control, dry cleaning of carpets, dry cleaning of leather furniture.

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