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How to instal a linoleum flooring

We repair ourselves

One of the simple and affordable floor coverings for many decades is linoleum. Every year he improves his structure and increases the number of colors. However, despite the simplicity, laying linoleum, still, requires some rules. Our cleaning company has collected recommendations that will be useful if the installation will be carried out without involving specialists: First, you need to level the floor. Otherwise, all unevenness will soon lead to damage to linoleum in the process of its exploitation.

To calculate the required number of square meters of linoleum, you need to add 15 cm to the size of the room on each side. This will help avoid various inconsistencies when stacking. It is also recommended that a new linoleum be rolled out immediately on the floor, so that it will lie down, rather than keep it rolled up.

Ways of laying linoleum:

  1. Free laying – when linoleum is pressed with plinths without the use of glue. Suitable for small rooms. Begin the laying from the corner, roll it out, straighten and trim the edges in the bend. Between the wall and the edge of the linoleum it is recommended to make a gap of 3 – 5 mm.
  2. Laying on the glue. You need to start with free stacking. After fitting, linoleum is folded in the middle, applying one half to the other. The floor under the raised part is evenly covered with special glue. Then lay the linoleum on the prepared surface and level with a wooden beam. The same is repeated with the second half of the linoleum.

Our cleaning company offers: cleaning after repair, cleaning windows.

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