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How to get rid of moles

Useful little things

If ordinary gray butterflies fly in your kitchen, it means that a food moth has appeared. To kill one, two, a few does not mean to get rid of it. Because males fly, and the females sit and take out eggs, from which later appear larvae, caterpillars, rapidly destroying your products. A favorite place for moths is cereals, pasta, dried fruit, walnuts. If they are wound up in your kitchen, you do not need to lose time quickly and consistently get rid of them. Otherwise they just spoil all the cereals and other dry products.

Our cleaning company has prepared recommendations how to avoid the emergence of food moths or how to get rid of it, if it has already wound up:

  1. When buying and bringing home products – carefully inspect them. The presence of small white grains on the package or in the product, indicates the infection of their food pests. If the damage is not significant: a little packaging is damaged, in some corner or in the croup itself there is something reminding the traces of moths – pour the contents on a baking tray and burn this product in the oven for 20 minutes, at a temperature of 100 degrees.
  2. Do not store cereals, pasta in cellophane bags, this creates a favorable atmosphere for the penetration and breeding of moths.
  3. Cleaning the kitchen should include regular inspection of bulk products, wiping the storage areas with detergent. Processing, thus, the shelves and doors of kitchen furniture, their primary disinfection takes place. 5. Cardboard packaging or a little spoiled groats should be thrown away and the garbage immediately taken out of the house.
  4. Keep dry foods that are easily susceptible to infection by moths in a glass container tightly closed with a lid.

Food moth is not a big difficulty at the first stage and deep cleaning can quickly fix the situation. If you do not have the time and energy for it, do not delay, do not start this process of spoiling products, comfort and mood. Order this service in a cleaning agency. This will allow to check everything and bring it in order with the least losses.

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