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How to get rid of flies

Useful little things

Flies include dipterous insects, carriers of infection and bacteria that can cause food poisoning and disease. During the month of his life, one fly lays several thousand eggs. Therefore, they are not only unpleasant neighbors, capable of spoiling rest, lunch or mood, but also dangerous suppliers of microbes. Our cleaning company has an arsenal for desinsection.

For the prevention and self-destruction of flies, the following rules must be observed:

  1. Pest disinfection, disinfection and garbage removal should occur in full and be carried out regularly. Because the trash can serve as a source of flies. Therefore, it is important to tie the garbage bag tightly with the remains of products, keep the trash can closed, and regularly empty the trash can with detergent and vinegar.
  2. Protect the windows and doorways with a mosquito net.
  3. At windows, arbours of a private house / cottage, country site it is necessary to plant a tree of a walnut, the smell of its leaves frightens off flies.
  4. Another fragrant plant that repels the smell of flies is basil. It is easily possible for it due to the non-petalactone contained in the foliage.
  5. Do not like flies and pungent smells of essential oils, lavender, eucalyptus and ordinary vodka. Thus, spraying them in the air can scare off the flies.
  6. A less aesthetic, but the most effective are sticky flies.

If all the preventive measures were taken, and it was not possible to get rid of the insects, it is worth asking the cleaning agency for help. Deep cleaning carried out by specialists will allow cleaning the house of possible larvae, and disinfection of garbage, buckets, a tank, compost heap will remove a possible source.

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