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How to get rid of an animal smell

Clean house

Those of us who have tamed, loved with all our heart, felt loyalty and unlimited trust from our pet, can no longer live without it. And if so it is necessary, it constantly remembers and dreams about the time when the four-legged friend was near. However, cats and dogs, especially during their childhood, leave an unpleasant smell on carpets, sofas, armchairs and other soft objects. These traces and smell are very difficult to withdraw, which depresses the owners and their neighbors over the apartment / house. Why regular cleaning, washing things are not always able to completely improve the situation for the better?

This is because urine crystals contain uric acid crystals. They do not react to water and after careful washing they stay dry, they smell a little less, and when they get wet again they start to smell. Therefore, you need to act a little differently. Of course, water is the main ingredient in cleaning, but in such a situation it is necessary to add special components to it. In no case it can not be chlorine-containing substances, bleaches, ammonia. All of them are well disinfected, they remove stains, but they are toxic and harm to four-legged friends.
They will negatively affect the scent of the animal and the first two will damage the color of the carpet, the lining of the sofa, the armchairs.

Our cleaning company offers to solve this task independently with the help of professional equipment. Dry cleaning of furniture, cleaning with a steam generator, use of special detergents will remove the smell of urine from the animal. If it is impossible to contact us and order a service, we recommend the following methods:

  1. Fresh puddle or stain should be carefully soaked with a paper towel.
  2. Next, wet cleaning should include iodine or vinegar. In one liter of cold water, add 20 drops of iodine or a glass of vinegar.
  3. From clothes fresh stains can be removed with household soap, vodka or mouthwash.
  4. After you have got rid of only what happened trouble go to the store and buy a neutralizer of the smell of the animal. The modern chemical industry uses for this enzymes, which destroy the crystals of uric acid. This completely neutralizes any smell and the animals themselves can no longer detect them in this place. At the same time, harmlessness is observed for the quadrupeds and humans.

Our cleaning company is not only ready to help in removing stains and odors. Arsenal of services includes: cleaning, deep cleaning, office cleaning, area cleaning, cleaning after a fire, washing windows, disinfection.

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