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How to fight with ants

Useful little things

In the apartments / houses / cottages sometimes there are tiny ubiquitous red ants. It is a mistake to believe that apart from irritation they do not bring anything to the owners of the dwelling anymore. In search of carbohydrate and protein foods, they overcome huge distances, without bypassing garbage cans, dumps or other sources of infection.

Therefore, it is not difficult to transfer and spread it on the legs of this insect. Today, there are means of household chemistry, with which you can quickly and effectively withdraw ants.

The only significant disadvantage is the toxicity, which can cause damage to the owners of the home and their pets. Because individual intolerance is difficult to take into account the producers of these funds. A deep cleaning, prolonged airing in the house after an independent disinfestation may be insufficient.

A quick, simple, effective and reliable method is professional disinfestation, which is performed with the help of special chemicals and steam. You can order this service in our cleaning agency. If, for various reasons, the fight against insects by this method is not real, do not despair and resolutely lead the ants themselves.

To get rid of the intrusion of uninvited guests, it is necessary to take into account the fact that ants live in large families. If you find them in the house, then somewhere in the interstitial ceilings, cracks in the floor or plaster, in the plinths or platbands there is an anthill in which there is a queen laying eggs and working ants.

Workers never eat on the site of finding products, and in good faith, along the paved paths carry them home. Your goal is to help the food-earners bring into the nest what will poison the female and ordinary workers. Thus, you can destroy the whole family.

Another option is to destroy the tracks. This is a less effective method, which does not always work. Since ants can make detours, but some hosts have brought out the pilgrimage in this way.

Our cleaning company has collected several practical tips, both at home, with improvised materials, to prepare a “treat” for the red crumbs:

  1. In equal proportions, mix sugar and boric acid crystals (sold in pharmacies and markets), add a small amount of water to get sour cream. Dilute the resulting mixture along the ant trails. They will immediately begin transferring the delicacy to an anthill. There boric acid destroys them.
  2. Opposite to a sweet dish you can cook like, the ingredients of which will be minced meat, salt and boric acid.
  3. You can dilute the yeast with sugar until a viscous mass, small containers with it placed in several places near the paths of ants.
  4. If you cut fresh garlic in half and carefully rub the halves of the path through which the ants move, it will break the smell of liquid, which they point out to the brothers the way. Having broken, thus a trajectory, it is possible to turn them away from your house.

Ants do not like trash buckets, washed dishes, clean kitchens. Therefore, regular cleaning, maintaining the cleaning, lack of scattered sugar, spilled jam, honey make a little tempting for insects your room.

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