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How to dry clothes in apartment

Stain Removal

Cleaning the apartment is almost always associated with washing clothes. However, for those who live in apartment buildings, often drying of washed laundry is associated with overcoming some difficulties. Especially if the apartment does not have a balcony.

The bathroom is poorly suited for this purpose because of dampness, and in the kitchen the laundry can soak up the smells of the food being cooked. To ensure that there is no musty smell, mold and fungus on the walls in the room where the laundry is dried, it is necessary to ensure free air access and good ventilation.

Balcony – is traditionally the ideal place for drying clothes. If, in addition, the balcony is equipped with modern wall or ceiling dryers, or portable folding. All of them can withstand weight up to 20 kilograms, folded, compact, take up little space and have a completely aesthetic appearance.

In rainy weather and autumn-winter period, you can use heating radiators and a heated towel dryer for drying clothes. They can dry small things, such as socks. But it is not recommended to use an electric heater for these purposes. Here again, it will be appropriate to use a portable folding dryer, which can be located at a safe distance from the heaters. And speed up drying will help the most common fan.

Our cleaning company offers services related to washing: dry cleaning of the mattress at home, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture.

Radically solve the issue of drying clothes and change the situation for the better help the dryer, which can be installed in the apartment. How much does it cost to clean an apartment, how to order cleaning, dry cleaning can be found on this site.

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