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How to disinfect premises after sick person

Clean house

At a time when someone is sick in the family, it is very important to keep the disinfection of the premises. This will help protect yourself and others from the disease, as well as to dampen its possible development or re-infection. Medical workers define three types: preventive, current and final disinfection. Which their names suggest the purpose and the period of their conduct. Our cleaning company has all the equipment, equipment and materials for the professional conduct of this procedure.

However, if you need to disinfect the premises yourself, use the following simple rules:

    1. During the disinfection, you must wear rubber gloves and a mask. This will protect the respiratory tract from falling airborne infection.
    2. From the room it is worth to take out an outdoor carpet, soft toys, tissue napkins, everything that can collect dust and infection.

  1. Wet cleaning of the room in which the patient is located should be held in the morning and in the evening, at least. Add to the basin with clean water chlorine-containing solutions. Wipe all surfaces, including door handles, with the floor.
  2. Be sure to circulate fresh air, so you need to regularly ventilate the room.
  3. All that the ill uses: a towel, a mug, a plate, a spoon, must be strictly individual.
  4. Strictly restrict contact with children.

After serious infectious diseases (open form of tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, dysentery, etc.), which require disinfection of utensils, kitchen utensils, upholstered furniture, flooring, it is worthwhile to seek professional help.

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