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How to create garden on the windowsill

Care of plants

When, after the snow and cold winter, green shoots break through, even the busiest man, will slow down for a second and involuntarily smile. So green plants act on us, they like a celebration of life always cheer up. And if these plants also bear fruit, then this is an incredible feast for a good master.

It is not necessary for this to buy a summer residence or to have a country house. Sometimes enough windowsill or balcony and a great desire. Our cleaning company shares practical advice on how to have a small kitchen garden on the windowsill and eat ecologically clean greens grown at home:

  1. If the experience of gardening is small, then start growing with greenery and herbs. These include, for example, green onions, parsley, dill, lettuce, basil, mint and lemon balm. They are rather unpretentious and grow fast.
  2. Place for planting, if possible, choose on the south or west side. There will be the greatest amount of sunlight.
  3. If the window sill is narrow, think of a shelf with shelves that should be spaced from each other, allowing the plant to grow upward.
  4. Earth is worth to buy in specialized stores. There it is pre-fertilized with the necessary elements and cleaned of pest larvae.
  5. Seeds or sprouts are easy to buy there in the store. Onions and garlic are sometimes already on the farm, it remains after purchase for the winter and sprouts in the spring.
  6. Plant plants can be in any pots and boxes, it is important that they were drained, through which excess water during irrigation could go into the drip tray.
  7. If the sunny days have already come, but the apartment is still cool, you can cover the planted seeds with a wrapping film, thus creating a greenhouse effect.
  8. In addition to watering plants do not need other care. With a good regular watering the fruits of plants, you can regale after two weeks.

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