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How to create and prevent pleasant smell in the house

Clean house

Daily cleaning in the house, sparkling floors and furniture do not always create and preserve a pleasant, inherent odor only to your house. And this is an undoubted attribute of coziness and charm, an attractive note of space, in which you want to return. Today, you can find on the market a lot of aroma of lamps, candles, air fresheners and others, the property for creating fragrance in the house.

For those who prefer natural products and are not lazy to invest in them a piece of their own energy, our cleaning company offers several ways to create and maintain a pleasant smell in your home.

Buy in the supermarket several glass vases of different shapes and sizes, preferably with thin necks. In the summer, gather in the country, in the field or while relaxing in Western Ukraine, various smelling herbs: wormwood, mint, lavender, thyme, rosemary. Add bright notes with the help of dry flowers: chamomile, chernobryvtsev, cornflowers. Dried grass, cut with scissors and mixed with bright flowers, put in glass vases.

Do not be afraid to experiment, you can add dried lemon peel, orange, cinnamon sticks, clove seeds and coffee beans to the vases. Any fragrant components can create a natural flavor. It is necessary to create compositions only from well-dried elements, to try to place in vases, as much as possible closed from getting dust.

Sew small pillows, which generously fill with a mixture of scented herbs or lavender. Such bags are placed in chests of a chest of drawers, on shelves of a case among pure linen and towels, spread out in shoe boxes or paste behind the curtains.  If the bags are sewn from the fabric in the tone of upholstered furniture or curtains, decorate them with lace and ribbon, then they are able to add charm to the interior and proudly fit on open shelves, shelves of rooms.

This manifests the imagination of the owners of the apartment / house / cottage. We, on our part, are ready to offer: cleaning, deep cleaning, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture at home, cleaning after repair and other types of cleaning services.

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